In 2021, Randy & his sister Cara will be publishing their first children's book, the long-awaited Kip's New Surfboard. It is the first in a series of books highlighting the adventures of Kylie & Kip.  The book itself has been completed for a couple of years, and is awaiting an official publishing date.  Below is some selected artwork from the forthcoming book, as well as sketches and behind-the-scenes concept art.

Kip's New Surfboard Cover

The following images show the development of the above cover. There are the two original rough sketches, followed by Randy's completed first take at the idea from a couple of years ago. At that time, it was simply a drawing to show prospective publishers. Later it was decided that this concept was going to be used for the cover of the book, but Randy was unhappy with Kylie‚Äôs face in it, so it was reworked with Kylie looking directly at the viewer.



The fourth image shows the new black and white ink drawing of the charcters (with Kylie's head turned). The next step was to develop a more in depth background image, and this can be seen in the fifth image with the background sketched onto an overlay. The final image shows the cover artwork, without the Kylie & Kip logo or the book title.


Below is another concept sketch (based on an early Beach Boys album cover) and two versions of the final artwork with different color schemes.


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