Randy recently finished work on a one-page guest artist appearance for the upcoming Blood & Bones graphic novel.  Below is his one-page pin-up of the story's main villainess, Van.


Randy completed his first comic book project in 1992.  While he has rarely  re-visited the medium, a few projects are still lying around the archives.  Below is a sampling of images from two such projects.  Unfortunately, all of Randy's comic book panels were stored together in a location that flooded in 2002, damaging or ruining almost all of the original artwork.  The images below were chosen from the salvaged black and white inked pages that still exist.  These were the original panels, prior to coloring; you can also notice that temporary lettering has been sketched in, as well.

Black & white images from "Sandman" comic book & sketchbook, 1992 




The following image of the character "Death" was based on Randy's girlfriend at the time.



Black & white images from the unpublished Phantom of the Opera 4-part comic book series, titled "Erik", in 1994.  Fewer than a dozen pages (out of 128) of original artwork still exist.