Randy's Phantom portfolio is very deep, having worked briefly on two different Phantom of the Opera comic book projects, a board game, and a children's book, as well as developing characters for an animated feature, and more recently illustrating personal portraits for Broadway & Las Vegas cast members of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.  The Phantom has long been a favorite subject for Randy's art, with his love of the story dating back to the age of eight.  Below is a selection of some of the work Randy has done. 

                                    The LloydWebber Musical

Through The Mirror


Descent Into Mystery


The Lake


The Music of the Night, Colm Wilkinson & Rebecca Caine

The Music of the Night, Anthony Crivello & Sierra Boggess


Hugh Panaro & Gina Beck



The Angel Proscenium



Arrival Of The Red Death


Don Juan Triumphant, Norm Lewis


Michael Ball & Rebecca Caine (1988 London Cast)

James Barbour & Julia Udine (2015 Broadway Cast)

The Phantom of the Opera, Michael Crawford


The Phantom of the Opera, Colm Wilkinson


The Phantom of the Opera, Steve Barton

The Phantom of the Opera, David Gaschen

The Phantom of the Opera, Anthony Crivello

Anthony Crivello & Sierra Boggess (2006 Las Vegas Cast)

Set of three framed illustrations for Tony Award winning actor Anthony Crivello

"Both my wife and I were stunned at the beauty....and beyond impressed with the detail and artistic presentation. To call this a "Masterpiece" is indeed doing it appropriate justice. The renderings truly capture the spirit of performance, and caliber of your artistry. I am forever grateful for your generosity."

                                                                         - Anthony Crivello

 Oklahoma City Ballet